Knox-Elora is blessed by so many who give to our various ministries, enabling us to continue reaching out to our local and international communities with programs such as our Local Food Bank, KnECT (international missions), Presbyterian World Service & Development, Knox-Elora Clothing Hamper, Community Dinners, Monday Nite Live (Senior’s dinner), Presbyterian Sharing and various local organizations and groups that utilize our church on a weekly basis.

Our Session has approved a “Giving Policy”  to ensure that all monies received are designated appropriately for the ministries of Knox-Elora.

Knox-Elora’s Giving Policy:
Spending is confined to Session-approved funds, programs and projects.  Each contribution will be used as designated by the donor with the understanding that when that particular fund, program, or project has been fully funded or cannot be completed for reasons determined by the Session, contributions so designated will be used where most needed.

If you would like to give to Knox-Elora, you can do so by one of the following ways:

  1. On-line Gift Donate Online

    Giving online is very easy and allows you to do so when it is convenient for your busy schedule.  Our online “Donation Form” (through CanadaHelps) provides an easy, convenient and secure method of giving online to Knox-Elora.  It provides the option of a “one-time” donation or “monthly” donation.   It also provides the option of giving “in memory” or “in honour” of someone.

  2. Pre-authorized Remittance (PAR)

    Signing up for the PAR Program offers a convenient way to give to the church on a regular basis and helps to ensure that Knox-Elora has a consistent financial income to support the cost of our various ministries.  When you sign up for PAR, you decide what your monthly offering will be.  Your gift will be automatically debited each month from your bank or trust account and, you can change or cancel your monthly pledge at any time.

    To participate in PAR, you need to complete a “PAR Authorization Form” which is available through our church office at 51 Church St. E., Elora, ON – 519-846-0680  ….. or ….. if you would like a form emailed to you, please send your request to

    If you decide to participate in the PAR program, you can still make offerings for other special fundraising events, seasonal offerings and other projects by using our “Designated Giving” envelopes, available at the church.   Simply indicate on the envelope where you would like your gift to be directed.

  3. Planned Giving

    Support for the church can be done with donations from accumulated assets (i.e. stocks or bonds, RRSPs/RRIFs, real estate, etc.).  These types of gifts may be deferred (i.e. a bequest through a will).  They may also be an immediate gift – available for current use (i.e. a gift of stock).   There are many ways to make a planned gift, including:

    bequests in your will – charitable gifts made through your will can substantially reduce the taxes owed by your estate, benefiting both the charities you have supported during your lifetime and your heirs.

    charitable gift annuities – a simple way to earn guaranteed, tax-free income for the rest of your life while leaving a legacy gift to the church after you pass away.

    assignment of life insurance — if you make the church the owner and beneficiary of an active life insurance policy, all your annual premiums are eligible for a charitable tax receipt.

    gifts of real estate – have you ever thought of giving a portion of the proceeds from the sale of your home to the church as a one-time gift?

    gifts of publicly traded securities – by donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds directly to charity, all capital gains taxes are eliminated. Gifts of stock donated to Knox Church can be donated through The Presbyterian Church in Canada.