Knox Log Church
“The Old Log Church” at Bon Accord – built in 1837-1838, reconstructed according to the recollection of some who saw it before it fell into ruin.
Knox frame church
The Frame-Roughcast Church – on the site of the present Church, opened for Public Worship in 1850.








Knox Presbyterian Church Elora
Knox Church today.

Knox Church, Elora was founded in the settlement of Upper Nichol Township, known as Bon Accord, in the year 1837. The first church building was an “old log church”. The leaders of the small group of Presbyterians who decided to settle in Bon Accord were Mr. Alexander Watt and Mr. John Keith. First elders 1837 – Alexander Watt and John Alexander Davidson followed in 1848 by Thomas Gray, John Keith and Joseph Geddes. Other church members of note at the time were, George Barron and John Calder.

In 1850, Mr. Charles Allan donated the land of the current site. Descendants of Mr. Allan are still faithful members of our church today. A small Frame-Roughcast Church was erected and opened for public worship in 1850. In 1873, during the ministry of Rev. A.D. McDonald, the current stone church was built at a “great” cost of $22,000.00.


In 1937, at the Centennial Celebrations for Knox-Elora, the congregation dedicated a Cairn at Bon Accord, in memory of the pioneers, near the spot where the Old Log Church stood. The Cairn at Bon Accord continues to be maintained and visited by the congregation of Knox-Elora.

Rev. Thomas Christie 1837 -1842
Rev. William Barrie 1843 -1848
Rev. John Duff (read his history) 1850 -1868
Rev. A.D. McDonald 1868 – 1879
Rev. S.W. Fisher 1879 – 1883
Rev. Hugh Rose, M.A. 1884 – 1887
Rev. M. L. Leitch 1889 – 1891
Rev. John McInnis 1891 – 1899
Rev. W.R. McIntosh, B.A., B.D. 1900 – 1911
Rev. W. McDougal Hay, B.A. 1911 – 1918
Rev. G. A. MacDonald, B.A. 1919 – 1923
Rev. A. Donaldson, B.A. 1924 – 1925
Rev. E.A. Thomson, B.A. 1925 – 1941
Rev. J. D. Wilkie 1942 – 1945
Rev. (Dr.) Harold G. Lowry 1945 – 1949
Rev. P. Gordon MacInnes 1949 – 1955
Rev. Ross C. McLean 1956 – 1969
Rev. (Dr.) William Weir 1970 – 1974
Rev. Robert R. Whitehead 1974 – 1989
Rev. Kees Vandermey 1992 – 2009
Rev. Andrew (Apack) Song 2010 – 2014
Rev. Susan V. Clarke – 2015 – _____